MIT 2019

Santi Vega

Year 5 /6

Wesley Primary

The Financial Literacy tool was developed to support an enterprising approach to learning to benefit students with low achievement in Mathematics

Marc Gibson

Year 3 /4

Wigram School

This tool supports teachers who want to change their learners' Maths journey, with a focus on Structure, Hotspots, Problem Solving and Workshops

Hannah West

Year 5 /6

Pt England School

This site shares short cybersmart clips created by children for children to support critical thinking and use of interpersonal skills in a digital environment.

Sandra Quick

Year 10 English

Greymouth High School

Amber Wing

Year 5 /6

Belfast School

This site supports teachers with implementing the storytelling approach. A Ngai Tahu story with more stories to be added.

Nicola Cameron

Year 1 / 2

Taipa Area School

iPad writing support system for beginning writers. It provides extra visual and auditory support for learners and is able to be adapted to suit the specific learners.

Naomi Toland

Year 3 /4

Stonefields School

Eugene Becconsall

Year 4-6

Rawhiti School

Literature Circles are an effective way for students to develop their comprehension of a text. Similar to Reciprocal Reading, they are a process for allowing students to read collaboratively.

Kelsey Parrant

Year 6

Pt England School

This site is designed for my learners reading between the ages of 7-9 years. I have followed the colour wheel reading intentions that we use at school.

Joanne Ryken

Year 3 /4

Pompallier Catholic School

SOLO Tool for Student Talk. This tool uses rubrics and illustration posters to show shift in student thinking, and talk, about learning.