MIT 2018

Hinerau Anderson

HOD Technology

Tamaki College

In 2018 I developed a Purpose-Built Tool, to enable all elements of the VTaL (Visible Teaching and Learning) Framework to be accessible to teachers, in order to accelerate student achievement.

Clarelle Curruthers

Year 3 teacher

Pt England School

This site is a resource for teachers and students to explore mathematical vocabulary for students and to increase this vocabulary within the classroom programme. It focuses on three main areas: coding, vocabulary and discussion.

Rebecca Spies

Year 4-6 Teacher

Park Estate School

Argumentation Boards use authentic topics to provide a platform for online discussion. The topics allow everyone to interact and engage in the discussion. The boards provide multi-modal texts.

Zac Moran

Year 3 teacher

Pt England School

Movie Making

The tool is a one-stop site for everything movie making with 4 main sections: How to videos, Film techniques, Teaching strategies, Graphics & Images.

Heather Matthews

Bi-lingual Class Teacher

Hornby Primary School

I used a legend as a metaphor for self management and retold this as a digital book, linking specific parts of the story to self management characteristics.

Danni Stone

Year 7/8 Teacher

Pt England School

This site features text analysis exemplars that have been designed to support students to make the connection between reading and writing. They can be adapted and used in various ways, but I have used them to place specific emphasis on certain techniques and to encourage learners to note their effect as readers, before trialling them as writers. They could also be used as exemplars to introduce new topics and genres to a class.

Kariene Gardner

New Entrant Teacher

Ohaeawai School

This site exists to help key education stake holders improve their ability to teach how to enhance writing through the use of an 'Enhancing writing framework'. It is intended that the framework will help to clarify how to enhance writing in your classroom and it could be used as a starting point to develop key aspects of your teaching practice.

Jacob Walker

Year 7/8 teacher

Wesley Intermediate

This site is designed to help build clarity between the e-AsTTle test and the task and should be used inline with creating goals based on the individual AsTTle console sheet. The idea behind this site is to allow students to practice in their own time.